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Make A Flexagon for your Valentine

What better way to show your Valentine you care, than to make them a flexagon! You can print out this cool Valentine tri-tetraflexagon card, featuring teddy bears, at Aunt Annie’s Crafts. Or, you can choose the plain frame template and add your own pictures. But, if you want to make them for an entire class, make sure you start now! It takes some time to print, cut out, and fold. (My son is making these, and he has made enough for about a third of his class so far.)


If this seems like too much work, there are tons of cute math-themed pictures on the internet you can turn into Valentines. Last year, we found cute a Sierpinski Valentine.

Math Geek Gift Guide

If you’re looking for a holiday gift for the math geek in you life, I’ve put together a list of some  of the fun math-themed products out there.


There is a lot of cool math cooking tools and dining ware available. Here’s a few items:


i 8 Sum Pi Dish, $38 at Uncommon Goods


Math Glasses – set of 4, $38 at Uncommon Goods


Obsessive Chef Cutting Board, $25 at Uncommon Goods 


Pizza Pi Cutter, $25 at Amazon


Pi Bottle Opener, $30 at Uncommon Goods

For Him

For your geeky guy…


Math Formulas Tie, $45 at Uncommon Goods

If you are looking for a tie, but not sure about this one, there are a bunch of math-themed ties at Zazzle for around $32-$36.

20380_zoom1Math Cufflinks, on sale for $14 (regular $40) at Uncommon Goods


Geek Wrist Watch, $65-$78 at Uncommon Goods


There is a ton of cool math jewelry at Etsy


…like this Laws of Motion Cuff Bracelet, $40,


…or these Math Earrings, $25,


…or this Fibonacci Nautilus Necklace, $30.



Pop Quiz Clock, $27 at ThinkGeek


I came across this Irrational Numbers Wall Clock in the SkyMall catalog while traveling for Thanksgiving, $35.



Math T-shirts

Of course, it is always possible to find lots of wonderfully geeky math t-shirts. I like the selection at the Neato Shop. For example…


Mathematicians do it to prove themselves, $15,


and, Brainier than your average bear, $15.

Thanksgiving Math

Does your Thanksgiving dinner need more math? Of course it does!

Here are 4 videos from Vi Hart to show you how to make green bean matherole, Borromean onion rings, optimal potatoes, and turduckenen-duckenen.