August Ferdinand Möbius


November 17 is the birthday of August Ferdinand Möbius a German mathematician and astronomer, who lived from 1790 to 1868. Möbius, of course, lends his name to the Möbius strip (although it was also independently discovered by  Johann Benedict Listing around the same time). Other mathematical concepts sporting Möbius’ name include  the  Möbius configurationMöbius transformations, the Möbius transform, the Möbius function, and the Möbius inversion formula.

Möbius is most known for his work in mathematics, but he also published work in astronomy concerning the occultation of planets and the motion of celestial objects.

One of Möbius’ teachers was Carl Friedrich Gauss, whom some consider one of the greatest mathematicians of all time.Mobius served as chair of astronomy and higher mechanics at the University of Leipzig.

One of the first posts on the blog was about the Möbius strip. If you missed it check it out here: Möbius Strip: One-Sided Wonder. Also, check out More Möbius.

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