Fractal Education: Sierpinski Triangle

A great activity for teaching kids about fractals is making Sierpinski triangles – one of the easiest fractals to draw.

The Sierpinski triangle is formed using this process:

  1. Take a point-side-up triangle
  2. Connect midpoints of the three sides to create a point-side-down triangle.
  3. Repeat process with the resulting point-side-up triangles.
  4. Repeat as many times as you want.

This example shows taking the process through 4 iterations.


You can print out the starting triangle from:

Fractal Foundation: Sierpinski Triangle (includes worksheet and instructions)

Spitz: Fractal Pack 1: Educators’ Guide (includes Sierpinski triangle template and other information for teaching about fractals)

If you have a classroom of kids, you can take their Sierpinski triangles and put them together to make a larger triangle – you just need a power of 3 to make a complete Sierpinski triangle (3, 9, 27, etc.).


Also, you can blow their minds by showing this Sierpinski Zoom video to show that the triangles can go on forever!

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