Pre-School Number Sense Important for Later Math Success

IMG_0217A couple of studies from University of Missouri shed new light on the importance of counting and number sense in early childhood to later math success.

In one study, data from more than 3,000 children from low-income households were analyzed. The researchers found that students who could count to 20 in preschool had the highest math scores in first grade. Read more at ScienceDaily: Preschooler’s Counting Abilities Relate to Future Math Performance, Researcher Says

In another study, researchers tested 180 kids and found that the ones struggling with number sense in first grade were the same ones who were having trouble in math seventh grade. Number sense is defined as “an intuitive understanding of numbers, their magnitude, relationships, and how they are affected by operations.” So in addition to reciting numbers in order, children need to understand what those numbers mean and how they relate to one another. Read more at Early number sense plays role in later math skills

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