Pi Video Round-up

I’ve been looking for some good videos to show the kids in our after-school math club. (We are lucky that we meet on Pi Day this year.) So, I thought I would post what I had found.

This short video explains that pi = circumference/diameter:

Another brief video. This one tells about some of the places, outside of circles, that we find pi:

This one is a bit longer. The first 10 minutes give a good history of pi, but the last 5 minutes devolves into a series of bad song and TV show clips:

This video (with a very old-school feel) has some nice animations illustrating the value of pi:

All of Vi Hart’s math videos are great.  Here are 2 of them involving pi:

Here is the video by Numberphile, explaining that you only need 39 digits of pi:

And, of course, the pi song:

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